Bamboo for Bio-CNG

CNG is less polluting the environment than other popular fuel such as Petrol and Diesel. Bamboo is convertible into bio-gas which can be processed into Bio-CNG.

8kg. of Bamboo Biomass will produce 1 kg. of CNG.

Advantages of Bio-CNG

  • CNG burns cleaner when compared to traditional petrol and diesel. Carbon monoxide emissions are reduced by roughly 80 percent, and 44 percent less hydrocarbons are produced in comparison to gasoline-powered vehicles.
  • CNG has a flammability rating of approximately 5 -15 percent, which makes it less flammable and safer than other fuels.
  • CNG has an ignition temperature of 600degree Celsius, which is higher than the gasoline (320degree Celsius) and diesel (285degree Celsius). This means that CNG vehicles are likely to catch fire under any circumstances.
  • CNG causes less damage to our car. CNG on combustion leaves little to no residue when compared to traditional gasoline and diesel. It cannot be siphoned off by thieves and adulterated. Has a calorific value, which is equivalent to half a litre of diesel. Lowering your fuel costs to half the cost of gasoline and diesel. Up to 90% reduction in noise pollution. Ultralow NOx emissions. NOx formation is dominant in diesel engine as the nitrogen and sulphur content is high in diesel engine.