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Green House

The lab has been accredited by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) for exporting tissue culture plants free of media from India.

Growmore has 4 growing Rooms sufficient   to culture  2-3 Million plant cultures at any given time depending on the plant species under production. The facilities at Growmore has an Annual production capacity of 6-15 Million plants depending on the plant species.

Plant growing room
Plant Growing Room

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Plant sub-culture room.


The laboratory has Lamina flow bench for 60 Technicians to work at any given time. The Lamina flow benches are specially designed in order to decrease the rejection due to contamination which ensures Growmore to deliver plants on time.

Highest level of class 100 Asceptic condition is maintained by the Lab technicians in the production facility to achieve all Healthy plants.

The facility has Steam sterlisers used for sterlising the Media and all other materials used in the clean area.

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Steam Sterliser

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Media Mixing Station

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Media Preparation Room

Growmore Biotech has the right type of equipment for the preparation of chemical formulation used as Media. The media preparation room has a capacity to produce Media for 2 million plants for month.

Reverse Osmosis unit of Millipore is used for purification of water from salts and bacteria. pure.jpg (5111 bytes)
Reverse osmosis water purifier
The lab has adequate Stand-by provision for Electricity and Machinery for Un-interrupted work.