Bamboo - Micro Propagation

At Growmore, we have micro-propagated from the best Mother Plants collected from Bamboo Research Stations in India. The Tissue from selected Mother Plants are surface sterilized to free it from bacteria and fungus and propagated in our Tissue Culture Lab. We have developed the Tissue Culture Protocol in-house, for the bamboo species under production in our lab. The culture undergoes various stages of production such as Initiation for first 3 months followed by intensive Multiplication for 6 to 8 months. During multiplication, the plant increases from few numbers to hundreds and thousands of genetically uniform plantlets.

As a last stage in the lab, cultures of 2-cm height are carefully rooted and grown in natural light Growth Room in the lab. The well-rooted plants are taken from lab to Green House for hardening and rooting in Cocopeat plugs. The plants are dispatched by us either as hardened rooted plants in Cocopeat plugs or grown to a height of one foot in polybags. 

Production of Bamboo by Tissue Culture are undertaken against confirmed order and normally we require 6 months of lead time for delivery of Bamboo plants of your choice, for the species which are currently under production.

We also undertake production of new species of Bamboo, which are not presently under our production line, based on confirmed orders and we need a delivery time of 12 to 15 months for supply. Mother Plants for the variety of your choice should be provided as rooted cuttings.

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